What Is a Software Test Case?

A test case specifies whether the application or software is working according to plan. A test case will include whether the software has failed or passed which is identified as test oracle. Test oracles are use cases that are functional requirements. Test cases are known to be test scripts when they are written.

Test cases have levels and they stop the replication.

Level 1 – This level will require you to write the simple test cases from the requirement and documentation.

Level 2 – This stage relies on functional and the system application.

Level 3 – This part will require you to write a test case user guide.

Level 4 – This will decrease interaction with the computer system, quality assurance concentrates on updated testing.

The following is the test case syntax:

  • Test case identification
  • Test case explanation
  • Test case requirements
  • Test class
  • Expected result
  • Definite result

  • Formal test cases

  • There are two test cases positive and negative tests.

  • Informal test cases

  • Test cases are written on normal operation of programs