Load Testing

Load testing checks system behavior, which assists to find the highest operating capability of an application. Load testing is used in various types of software testing society.

This tool helps companies with the following

  • Manage changes when writing test scripts
  • Figure out what type of load scripts to run
  • Save test data for offline investigation
  • Distribute load test scripts and information with automated tests

The following are different kinds of load types:


Forecastweb tests web servers and web applications that are making sure that it can sufficiently control loads.


Httpperf is a testing tool that calculates the execution of web servers. This tool deals with requests. It was designed by David Mosberger.

Open load

Open load is used for load testing web application. This tool is helpful when doing optimization. The tool is basic, powerful and low-priced web application to use.


LoadRunner is used to inspect application behaviour and how it’s operating. This product is developed by Hewlett Packard.