Software Testing Glossary Of Terms

Adhoc testing Ad hoc testing is used in software engineering, there is no planning or documentation involved
Automation testing Automation testing is used to control execution of tests.
Agile software Agile software development is a collection of software development methodologies.
Alpha Testing Alpha testing is tested by internal staff at the developer’s site.
Black box testing Black box testing takes an external outlook of the test object to get test cases.
Boundary testing Boundary testing is smallest or the biggest number of range
Bespoke software Bespoke software is an application made for users/consumers
Bug A bug is known as an error, faults in a computer program that creates wrong or unknown results.
Clean room software engineering The Clean room software engineering is a procedure that follows software development process.
Component Testing Component Testing is single software parts
Configuration Testing Testing an application with every configuration of hardware and software.
Defect Defect is a fault in an application that can trigger a system to fail.
Defect report A file reporting a fault in an application that can affect a part to fail to complete a function.
End-to-end Testing End-to-end testing is the procedure of testing business items.
Error An error is a mistake.
Extreme programming (XP) Extreme programming is a software development that improves software quality.
Forum A forum is a communication tool used for professionals to discuss different topics relating to testing.
Iteration Iteration means a repetition of a process to reach a goal.
ISTEQ International Software Testing Qualification Board
Incremental testing Incremental testing is half-done testing for incomplete software.
Lean Lean software development is another version of Lean manufacturing.
ISTEQ International Software Testing Qualification Board
Load testing Load testing checks system behavior
Performance Testing Performance testing carries out load testing and stress testing.
RAD Rapid Application Development is a software development methodology.
Regression testing Regression testing is any kind of software that finds uncover regression bugs.
Software testing Software testing is all about finding errors.
Spiral The spiral life cycle is a software development process that integrates design and prototyping in steps.
Structural Testing The testing measures to see how much testing is done.
System Integration Testing Units need to be written, the next stage would be to combine them together to build a system. This is called integration
System Testing The goal of the system testing is to make sure the software is working correctly.
Test automation software Test automation software tool is used to organize the implementation of tests.
Test complete Test complete is an automated application that lets you build, control and run tests for some windows and web.
Test case Test case specifies whether the application or software is working according to plan.
Test management Test management tool helps to build a reliable foundation for testing.
Unit testing Unit testing is a guide of testing a complied program.
User acceptance testing UAT is the final step before the system goes live.
V-model The V-model is a software development process and an extension of waterfall life cycle.
Visual studio Visual studio is combined testing application that’s created by Microsoft.
Watir This tool utlises rugby programing language to control Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
Waterfall life cycle The waterfall life cycle was designed in 1970 by Winston W.Royce. This model was first used in a production company.
White box testing The software engineer knows the structure of back-end and the software language.
WebUI WebUI Test Studio is an application for automated testing of web software.