Software Automation Tools


Test automation software tool is used to organise the implementation of tests. Test automation is a procedure of writing a programming for testing. As soon as tests have been automated they run very fast and are repetitive

Watir automated tool

Watir is implemented to automate web browers so it is testing the whole of the web development process. This tool utlizes rugby programing language to control Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It lets you record tests which are simple to read and to retain. The main attributes are Export XML, connection to database organise the code which can be used again.

Tosca Testsuite

Tosca Testsuite is an application that is used for automation execution of an operation and regression testing. The main features are: application programming interface, graphical user interface, synthetic test data and generation of dynamic.

WebUI Test Studio

WebUI Test Studio is an application for automated testing of web software. Test studio is utilized for testing every type of web application without programming code. The main features are scriptless test recording, cross-browser test execution and web element abstraction and reuse.

Visual studio

Visual studio is combined testing application that’s created by Microsoft. The main features are: Manual testing- Visual studio test professional 2010 offers a new interface for manual testing.

Test Complete

Test complete is an automated application that lets you build, control and run tests for some windows and web. It’s created by SmartBear software that lets testers build software quality tests. The main features are key word testing - testcomplete is built-in keyword-driven test editor. Full-featured script editor: has a code that’s already built